Grid of Nows

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tea made with caraffe

The anxieties and uncertainties of contemporary life allow intruders into our own sense of being present.  The past, heavy with all that has come to be, casts the future in its shadow. So how do we make the present become again?  Rituals offer some hope. Little rituals. Through our rituals, we experience time in a different way. As duration.  Duration does not measure time with a clock. It lasts as long as it takes to complete a ritual. It is an experience felt by the body.

Grid of Nows is a research project that asks participants to submit sound recordings of themselves making tea, a ritual for many as tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water.

Sound recordings have a unique way of capturing the duration of a ritual. Below are the sound recordings of participants who were asked to record their tea-making rituals. Their recordings are actors in an ongoing composition about the problem of time in these times of growing uncertainty.